We are very excited to begin a new project with a group called “Meet the Syrians"

We are at the early stages of a group exhibit that will hopefully begin it’s tour in Valencia, Spain in March 2016. Meet the Syrians is the brainchild of Syrian animation artist Sofia Maya Dawodi, who is directing and organizing the project.

Visit the Facebook page for Meet the Syrians.

See Sofia’s short animated film Nostalgia, which won a Bests Shorts Humanitarian award (2015) for this beautiful film...her first solo animated movie.

The website is not up and running yet, but we will post a link when it is. Stay tuned for details. 


An art celebration & an exhibition which brings together Syrian artists inside occupied Syria and abroad, starting with visual artists and film makers, to photographers and musicians. Gathering in the shade of freedom and art against injustice and tyranny. There is no better way of humans connecting than art! This will allow the Syrian artists the opportunity to showcase their work and celebrate art for freedom! It will also build networks for future opportunities to work, and deliver a distinctive cultural image of the Syrians.

The aim of this exhibition is to show the distinctive and rich Syrian art being created under some of the most difficult circumstances in which humans have passed in modern times. It is a celebration of art held in one of the European cities in which many Syrians are living and among new communities. It’s a chance for Syrian artists to deliver messages from the heart of Syria to the outside world, a world that is believing the misleading international media. Meet the Syrians commemorates our revolution for freedom and dignity.

The first opening of the exhibition will be on 15 March 2016, in one of the following cities: Valencia in Spain,  Amsterdam, Netherlands or Berlin, Germany.  At the moment we are working on presenting the idea of ‘’ MEET THE SYRIANS’’ to international and local institutions and associations that are globally neutral away from politicization and political and personal interests. The first live project presentation will be in January 2016.

There is the possibility of selling works of art at these events, dependant on the implementation and success of the exhibition. In case of sales, the proceeds will be calculated and the majority of the money will go to the artists themselves.  It will be their freedom of choice to keep the amounts of cash or donate to our families in Syria, away from the associations and institutions of what is referred to as charities.

More details will be given in case of success, and bigger plans will appear. We are welcoming any kind of support, technical, funds or a like and a share, and we are open for all innovative, creative and supportive ideas and suggestions. we ask all the Syrian artists to support by participating in this event.

Very Important Note: We have no space for supporters of the criminal regime in Syria.